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Head of Christ by Warner Sallman
Head of Christ
Christ Our Pilot by Warner Sallman
Christ Our Pilot

The Good Shepherd by Warner Sallman
The Good Shepherd

Christ at Heart's Door by Warner Sallman
Christ at Heart's Door


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Portrait of Christ by Warner Sallman
Portrait of Christ
Item #292
Christ at Dawn by Warner Sallman
Christ at Dawn
Item #287
Christ in Gethsemane by Warner Sallman
Christ in Gethsemane
Item #286
His Presence by Warner Sallman
His Presence
Item #288
The Lord's Supper by Warner Sallman
The Lord's Supper
Item #289
Jesus Our Savior by Warner Sallman
Jesus Our Savior
Item #290

Thine is the Power and Glory by Warner Sallman
Thine is the Power
Item #552
The Boy Christ by Warner Sallman
The Boy Christ
Item #345
Jesus Light of the World by Warner Sallman
Light of the World
Item #291

He Careth for You by Warner Sallman
He Careth for You
Item #319

Jesus the Children's Friend by Warner Sallman
The Children's Friend
Item #320

Warner Sallman Biography and Info ~ See His Art in Our Store!

Warner Sallman  on stage

Warner E. Sallman was an illustrator for religious magazines. In 1924 he needed a picture for a deadline the next day, but was coming up blank. Finally, he went to bed -- then suddenly awoke with "a picture of the Christ in my mind's eye just as if it were on my drawing board."

He quickly sketched a portrait of Jesus with long brown hair, blue eyes, a neatly trimmed beard, and a beatific look -- which has now become the common image of Christ around the world. Since 1940, more than 500 million copies of Sallman's "Head of Christ" have been sold. It has been reproduced billions of times on calendars, lamp, posters and holy cards.

He loved evangelism and often joined the stage to sketch the "Head of Christ" while the minister preached. He would then give this to someone in the audience. There is no record of how many of these impromptu artworks were done. Another collectable treasure of his art are the bible editions produced with his inspired images.

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