Bette Myers Masterpiece- Family & Dealers

Masterpiece by Bette Myers
Masterpiece by Bette Myers

How to Obtain LEGAL Prints of Bette's Masterpiece

11/14/10: Sadly there has been abuse on the image use and sale of art prints of Bette Myer's Masterpiece for some time. With Nick Bunick's new book "Time for Truth", more seek the Masterpiece but sadly the website & phone number shown in the book are wrong. See more info below!

Correct Contacts to Buy this Loved Image!

~ Legal Online Dealers for the Masterpiece ~

Bette Myers Family Webstore:

JesusArtUSA - 300 Images: Bette Myers Art Page

True Face of Jesus: Bette Myers Art Page

The Masterpiece has been sold by Wellspring and an approved church
and their bookstores for many years and is not involved in this inquiry

More links will be added as dealers are verified by Myer's family.

~ Telephone Contacts for Buying the Masterpiece ~

Bette's Family - Marlin & Esther - 1-602-547-0779

Jesus Art USA - Deborah - 1-800-230-9020 ext 6 (cell)

~ Unapproved Sources for the Masterpiece ~ - -

BMAR aka Bette Myers Art Registry - 877-347-6289

more listings will be added as discovered - Thanks for helping!

How to Know You Have a Correct Copy?

Any copies from the family bought before Nov 2011 are easy to recognize. Except for the small wallet cards, ALL other sizes have a thick black outter border and a very oily sticky type finish. So sticky that it is hard to keep from getting finger prints on it. The image itself is exactly 4x8, 6x12, 8x16, 15x30. If your copy has a slick non-sticky surface, is any other size and/or has any outter border color other than black, then it is surely an unapproved copy. To help the family recoup from the selling parties, please let us know where you purchased it, about when bought and how much you paid.
Found this image for sale from place not listed above?

Bette is now home with her lord and the family needs and deserves our help! Being an older couple who are not familar with the internet, they were unaware of many sales, usage agreements and unauthorized dealers for this beloved image. PLEASE LET US KNOW of ANYWHERE
that you may find this loved image in use or for sale on the web so that we may verify each situation is approved.
Received permission to use this image?

If you are ANYONE who has gotten ANY usage or dealer permissions and that agreement was not directly signed or verbaled by Marlin Zimmerman (Bette's husband), consider this Notice to Cease and Desist ANY & ALL USE
until approval may be considered for you or your group. This includes agreements with BMAR. This image is protected by copyright. Her family thanks you for your help & participation and hopes all are blessed by the Love of Jesus as shown in the Masterpiece!
Who to Contact with Information - Thank you!

You may contact Bette's daughter Janet at Bette Myers Art Gallery

or Family friend helping here - Deborah at

~~~~ Bette's Picture and Story on the Masterpiece ~~~~

Bette Myers self portrait
Self Portrait by Bette Myers

Story of Masterpiece by Bette Myers
Story of the Masterpiece by Bette Myers


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