Conversations in Your Mind

Whence God sendeth forth his angels, the Devil sendeth forth his demons

Thinking Man Statue - Photo by PJ Robertson

What goes through your mind each day?
Do you believe the bible? Truly?? then what follows must be truth..

that there truly are angels & demons here among us that we can’t see
that each belongs to a great army.. and they are very much at war
and everyone has at least 1 of each assigned to them, with them each day
these “beings” watch & know our ways.. and make suggestions to us
and are also constantly talking to everyone else in our lives
sadly it seems most believe these added “thoughts” are their own??

Their goals?

The demons want to confuse & worry us
to think we are stupid, helpless & bad, to loose touch with reality & others
The angels want to clarify us, help us find solid ground & grow in God’s peace
a happy or disturbed life.. it depends on which “thoughts” you believe
as when your life on earth ends, you will be joining one of their armies..

So your day.. every thought in your mind is either yours
or a thought suggested by one of the angels or the demons
the running conversation in your mind is a combo of all 3..
your daily environment (every one around you) is affected by all 3

The Game of Life by Harry Anderson

Does not the bible/God tell us that-

The devil “talked” to Eve.. that he ALWAYS tempts us, tries to stumble us
That God “talks” to you.. and that He sends angels to protect us and
instructs us repeatedly to wear His armor to fend off the demon’s attacks!
Aren’t we to believe God’s instructions? to recognize & resist the devil!

Ok.. so imagine you are the demon assigned to confuse, worry & waylay you..
anything to ruin your day.. make you fail.. keep your mind fuddled
what do we worry about? what makes us unhappy, guilty, mean, or confused?
what would be the best way to do this TO YOU?? what messes you up most?

The Fallen Angel by Cabanel

Lets watch them work on a man.. young & married with kids..
how would the demon ruin his life? make it really tough every day?
so lets see what fun the demons can have..

First cause strife in his marriage-
his wife is tired from working & looking after kids.. fixing dinner & the house
her demon keeps her mind busy so she forgets her makeup & his kiss
suggests to him that the new gal at work is cute.. suggests to her to wink at him
shows him his single buddies going out after work.. suggests to one to invite him
suggests to him that life would be more fun without the harried wife & noisy kids

The angel suggests- that she is tired and has much to do.. help her
that he loves his kids, that he is committed to her & his marriage
the demon suggests he is & should feel guilty about the thoughts HE gave him?
then the demon suggests he needs a drink.. or 2.. or 3!
the angel whispers-no.. don’t.. it will makes things worse.. go help her
what does the man do?

Then the demons attack him on all sides.. really make him feel alone-
suggests to his boss that he is being lazy.. to check up on his work often
keeps the man’s mind on other worries so he messes up on projects
keeps him distracted as he lays down something, so he forgets where it is
tells him his family never appreciated him, tempt all to argue & separate
suggests he needs a crutch.. and interrupt or guilt any thought of God ‘s help
especially convince him that demons aren’t real..
that his problems are all others faults.. or better yet, his own!

demon-surgery-richard-tennant angel with man statue unk

the demon will try to distract you.. like have a friend to call to interrupt
or else keep tons of junk suggestions running through your head
so you miss something important.. you dont hear or see what what needs to be done
now you feel guilty.. you didnt make that birthday call.. you forgot to stop & get milk
now your spouse hears her demon’s suggestions that you are non-caring..
you hear yourself saying- no I was busy.. your demon says your wife is a pain
you & wife argue.. you go to bed not speaking..
the demons grins ear to ear.. their job well done for the day

how can they get you best? you know you & so do they.. what are your “buttons”?
is it money? do you need more? are you underpaid? do your bills pile high?
how about your weight & loving food- is that loved snack a guilt to bear?
or pride- are you smarter than others.. or does your neighbor have more?
too busy- no time for loved ones, always just one more riddle to solve
feel insecure- scared not pretty, not smart, not capable
bad relationships- are you unworthy of love? are you jealous?
thoughts of freedom vs duties? so shirk responsibility.. drink.. carouse

oh what circles the demons can run us in!! and they know this game well
even every good act can become bad.. like a pride badge to wear?
and the demons especially love to twist these in your mind..
busy-ness befuddles.. guilt, anger, jealousy, pride beat us down
how easily we fall listening to the demons chatter.. STOP NOW!!



KNOW- 2 others are whispering in your ear.. in everyones! with good & bad ideas
KNOW- these are OTHER beings.. REAL beings.. with other motives.. REAL motives!!
KNOW- you are never alone.. every person/soul is important to them.. EVERYONE
KNOW- we will become like them too.. we WILL join one of their armies..

WHOSE suggestions are you listening to? Do you know which ideas are yours alone?

HOW does your day usually go?
HOW would it go if you knew this to be true? if you sifted these suggestions
and acted as YOU decide.. knowing your thoughts are NOT all yours..
don’t feel guilty or super smart for your thoughts.. these were probably theirs
Ask God for discernment and protection.. think clearly.. listen for the angels
the demon’s suggestions will ruin you.. recognize them.. and cast them out!


ministry of angels by guthrie

Worth repeating from another writing-

Lastly, did you know it is written that God brags on your faith in heaven? And that Jesus prays for you to make it through your daily trails. And also that the Holy spirit speaks for you to God when you don’t even know how or what to ask for? They all truly know how tough it is living here. Is this real? Oh yes. Knock on the door today. Just tell Jesus your heart and ask him to cover your sins as He promised.. then go talk to your Father. Ask Him first to build your faith.. then ask for the Spirit’s instruction, wisdom & discernment. Open your ears to the angels & close them to the demons. Your are a conqueror by faith! Choose to live in Eden by truly being joined daily with your God, who has a plan for you & promised you your heart’s desires!

Suggested readings on this topic- The Bible!! and also

The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis & The Final Quest by Rick Joyner

by Deborah Cassell ~ On Google

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