My Easter Basket

—Work had been piling up for months and with the current conflicts in my personal life, I was feeling more overwhelmed with each passing week. I kept trudging forward, but I lost all contact with the joy and peace I normally felt. I was truly looking forward to Easter, but that week turned into another nightmare. I only mentally aknowledged Good Friday.. The day my Lord suffered and died for us all. I wanted to let him know how much I cared, but I couldn’t clear my head. Things were all out of kilter. By Easter Sunday I was totally lost. Even tho my children are grown, I had never failed to have an Easter Basket on their porch.. until this one. Nothing was right.. I had failed myself, my kids and my Lord.

—I always have the granbabe on Saturday night, and the time change didn’t help that Sunday morning rush. We hurried to the early church service so that we could get to lunch and the Easter Egg hunt at mom’s. We were a tad late and his Sunday School class was gone? I took him into the main service. I barely heard the opening songs as I closed my eyes and prayed for my Lord to meet me there. The grandbabe soon became restless and I ended up leaving early for the sake of the others. No, nothing was going right.. As I dropped him off at my daughters, I realized it was not quite 11am and I could still make the regular service at my old church just up the street. I just had to worship my Lord on his triumphant day.. the day he arose and gave me my life. I gratefully pulled in the lot.

—The service was full of song and the sermon meaningful. I couldn’t keep my hands from reaching heavenward as I felt his spirit fill the room. I was there for him and he knew it! As I walked out, a girl in the foyer handed me one of several gift bags there for visitors. I headed for moms and we all enjoyed a great lunch and the kids candy extravaganza from the Easter eggs found. As I headed home, the rain that had come and gone that morning became a steady drizzle. I was dog tired from the week and napped away the evening. I still wanted to do something more for my Lord. I didnt want his special day to close without some private reverance from me. When I opened my eyes, it was 11:30pm. I still had time to pray. I hurried upstairs..

—I had for years wanted to set up some kind of altar.. somewhere for me to kneel and pray in my home. Oh how I wanted one now! As that thought passed thru my mind, he gave me direction. I grabbed my favorite Jesus picture, a worn and scratched image shellacked on a block of wood. I propped it on the kitchen table and brought in 2 brass candles and lit them on either side. As I sat down and opened my bible, I became aware of the irony of the black bathrobe I wore.. I looked like the black sheep that I was. Remembering the many bible stories of the significance of changing robes, culminating with the ultimate swap with the Christ, I ran to get my matching white bathrobe and laid it on the chair beside my makeshift altar. I sat back down and opened my bible somewhere near the middle.

—On the left page was the 23rd Psalm.. “the Lord is my Shepherd”. After reading it aloud, my eyes traveled right, to the middle of the 25th Psalm.. “I will show you the way”. Yes he was. I poured out my heart and my sins to my brother, Jesus. I told him of my frustrations and my failures.. I asked for his forgiveness and help. I humbly thanked him for his sacrifice of his life for mine.. and in that, allowing me to appear holy and able to speak directly to his Father.. my Father! Jesus opened the door and I was stepping thru. I then changed my black robe for the white one and sat once again in front of my altar. It seemed I now glowed in the candlelight, and I raised my eyes heavenward and prayed to my Father. He met me there as the perfect child he loves very much. He had been waiting there all along..

—As I finished my prayers, I noticed the gift bag from the church. I had lamented to my Lord about not having Easter baskets, and suddenly realized that he had one for me. I brought it to my altar and reached inside. First came a jade green marble coffee cup. I have collected rocks since childhood, finding strength and beauty in the cold stones that warm to my touch. Jade green marble was my favorite. Holding the cup in my hands, I tipped it over to see it filled with spearmint.. also my favorite. My Easter Basket had come with candy! I smiled at his love. Next came a matching green marble pen & a bookmark. I was amazed as I saw the bookmark was the 23rd Psalm I had opened my worship with. I couldn’t hold back the tears as I pulled the last item from the gift bag. It was a small Christian book titled “The Miracles of Christ”. My Easter baskets for the kids had always included similar type books and I was overwhelmed that my Lord had gotten one for me!

—I opened the small book and read the section about my Lord’s resurrection on this day. In the author’s comments I found this jewel of wisdom- “Hope is not a granted wish or a favor performed: no, it is far greater than that. It is a zany, unpredictable dependance on a God who loves to surprise us out of our socks and be there to see our reaction!” I know this God of whom he speaks. He had given me a most beautiful Easter.. Praises to the Most High!

by Deborah Cassell ~ On Google

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