The Door to Heaven

—Focus with me now. First capture in your mind those moments when we feel the pure love of God. As when you sat quietly by the ocean in awe of God’s majesty. When you first held a newborn baby and smelled the freshness and hope of a newly created life. Times when you looked around at your friends and family, loving each one and the wonder that brought you all together. The stranger who needed you and you were there. A shared laugh, a warm hug. Treasured moments of goodness, of love, of a perfect world.

Laughing Baby and Jesus by Keaton

—So imagine the earth also perfect, as God desired Eden to be. All the living things in glory to Him being as each was created. The seasons of the earth, the life cycles of birth and growth, the interactions with each playing its part in the majesty of this wonderfully created sphere. As in autumn, the trees brillant display of fall color as they prepare to go dormant for a winter’s slumber. The squirrel busy gathering his nuts. Each creation unique to its own pattern of life. And here admit you know as little about the true grandeur of the spiritual world as you do this earthly one you walk every day.

—Now imagine the people of this created Eden. All the love and personality of an earthly mother and father in a perfect world. A father’s instruction and protection. A mother’s nurturing love and hope. Both helping their children to grow and learn. And this family out exploring this Eden, playing in the streams catching crawdads, gatherings the harvests of their crops, returning home to gather by the fire with tales of their day. The last few words and kisses goodnight as they tuck each other in for the night. And then the glorious dawn of the next day.

Family Worship by Nathan Greene

—Are you here with me now? Putting together all these glimpses of the perfect world that God intended and sooo desires the earth to be. The beautiful moments we have all experienced and wish were the constant instead of so rare. The earth and our lives, unpolluted. Happy creatures playing in their perfect garden watched over by their loving creator. Where did this all go so wrong? Why does the earth and its creatures suffer? Where is the promised Eden and how did a loving God let us loose it? Why does it seem only a fairy tale with its happy ending elsewhere? Can we really have Eden back as promised? Live there now? Then why don’t we believe the promise? Herein begins the spiritual war.

—The answer is simple. Choice. He gave us a mind to think, discern and choose. God could have created us as unthinking robots and could still be watching us frolic mindlessly in Eden. But no.. He allowed us to decide how to behave, whether to believe and worship him, to follow His instructions or not. To lie and cheat, to satisfy wanton desires, to distrust and to cause others to stumble to benefit ourselves. Yes we can be quite self righteous in our motives but knowing it is dark in our hearts. Built in God’s likeness, we revel and put faith in our personal power. We blame Him for our bad choices and the mess it has left Eden in.

The Fallen Angel by Cabanel

—But God knew what would happen. He knows all. He also knew that among all those given choice, that there would be a select few who would choose to believe and follow Him. With all that is wrong in this creation beyond any glimpse of our understanding, some would still believe. These are His precious ones. This is why we are not robots. He revels in those who sing His praises because they choose to. These are the sons of God. But there is a problem. God is holy and our creation and ourselves are polluted by our choices. How can a holy God reconcile and deal daily with His self-polluted children? The solution is also simple but must be believed and re-chosen daily.

—So again imagine the perfect loving mother and father, but these parts as a single whole spirit. And us as the children who only come home to visit occasionally. Usually when we need something or are so fatigued fighting life’s battles that we come for love, to rest, and to get instruction. But then we set off again leaving Him behind, feeling secure in our own power and ideas. And as with our own parents, as we mature we find we need their love and guidance more than we ever thought possible. It is a process of growth. But as the bible story of the father running down the road when the returning child is spotted in the distance, God is always there waiting, looking for us.

The Prodigal Son by Rembrandt

—BUT God is holy! And we are thoroughly polluted even on our best days. How can He embrace us, heal us, instruct us, forgive us? Be an active part of our lives as He so desires to be? There had to be a key, a doorway to step through that removes our pollution. A constantly working excuse.. a lamb’s covering for our wolf’s interior. Something that would cover for our evil choices, so as with our own parents, that we look perfect in their eyes when we come home. So we can come into His holy presence and sup with our God, share the day and believe His words on how to handle tomorrow. This is not imagined. This is real. You just have to choose to enter the spiritual door, to accept the sheep’s skin.

—As we cannot even begin to understand the full beauty of His creation, we cannot fathom the spiritual world, or the true necessity of the doorway. But thankfully it is explained clearly enough for a child to understand. Because of our given right of choices, our lives are constantly affected by the ongoing spiritual war, but the war for the doorway was won long ago. You just must believe in your God, His plan and His doorway, and come thru it. Use its power to know your God personally, to receive His love, protection and instruction. To survive and truly enjoy this Eden among the others who refuse the doorway and perpetuate the pollution. It is your job to tell others of the doorway, but their choice to use it. How sad how so few do.. and how easily we ourselves can forget.

The Lost Lamb by Del Parson

—The doorway is through Jesus. What a warrior for our cause! God’s unpolluted son who submitted and died under Satan’s hand for us all, then defeated him and returned in triumph to forever hold the spiritual doorway open! We can no more understand creation than this necessary spiritual truth. When you come to this door, you confess your sins that are upon your heart and leave them there. Then when you enter, Jesus’ blood covers you and God only sees His perfect child! He RUNS to greet you! On this earthly plane, He sends you gentle breezes of love and treasured moments of joy. On the spiritual plane, He writes love on your heart, peace in your soul and whispers in your ear the instructions you need to follow.

—Yes, God is here! If you believe is your choice, as even the devil believes. If you step through the door and how long you stay is another. It is the only way. In the trilogy of God, He is God our father who loves and protects, Jesus our brother who holds open the door and covers for us, and the Holy spirit placed within us to instruct. In the ongoing spiritual war and with our free choices on this polluted Eden, we can easily be distracted from the truth and daily necessity of the door to live each day with our God at hand. Believe and focus! And you will begin to feel, see and live in the Eden that God intended.

Children of the King by Lars Justinen

—Lastly, did you know it is written that God brags on your faith in heaven? And that Jesus prays for you to make it through your daily trails. And also that the Holy spirit speaks for you to God when you don’t even know how or what to ask for? They all truly know how tough it is living here in the pollution. Is the fairy tale real? Oh yes. Knock on the door today. Just tell Jesus your heart and ask him to cover for you and then go talk to your Father. And ask Him first to build your faith that you may seek the door of His sanctuary again tomorrow. Choose to live in Eden by truly being joined daily with your God, who has promised to give you your heart’s desires!

by Deborah Cassell ~ On Google

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