Trees of Life and Knowledge

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There are two trees in our garden of Eden.. two ways of looking at life. A choice we make every day, in every situation. One is the “Tree of Knowledge”, representing the earthly point of view and the other is the “Tree of Life” representing the spiritual view. Since the fall of Adam, we have been born under the tree of knowledge. Each passing year our knowledge seems to grow exponentially and we wonder how we would survive without this tree. We experience and learn the “facts” of our physical world and believe these as truth.. and many worship this tree of knowledge.

However, the other choice is the “Tree of Life”… God’s point of view. The real spiritual truth of every situation. Consider these examples- Think of Mary pregnant with Jesus. Those under the tree of knowledge saw an unmarried young woman to be scorned. Those under the Tree of Life knew she carried the savior of the world. Those with knowledge saw a mere boy with a slingshot walk before an armored giant and sneered. Those under the tree of life danced as David sneered back. From the tree of knowledge, sickness is a fact of life to be treated with our current barrage of medicines. From the tree of life, it is an attack of our enemy to be handled with spiritual authority.

Imagine you are standing under the tree of knowledge and think of any situation. Looking with your earthly eyes, what are the “facts” as mankind views it? what is the cause and how do we attempt to solve it? Now mentally draw a line at your feet and step across it, transitioning to under the tree of life with God. Now looking at that same situation with Heaven’s eyes, what do you see differently? What are the true “facts” of the situation.. and what is its purpose? Ahh, do you notice another subtle difference? Under the tree of knowledge, most things have a random cause and need to be fixed.. where under the tree of life, these same things were purposed and have a goal.

So which view do you chose? or is your life a mix of both? Consider the truth of our being children of God and our “freewill” that He will not override. Do we choose our view of the “truth” and our world complies? Lets look at one more situation.. a job promotion that has not yet come. The tree of man’s knowledge would say that you do not deserve that position or someone is cheating you. Think of Joseph in jail for years waiting for his destiny in Egypt to save his people. If, in your freewill, you chose to never view a situation through spiritual eyes, then do you miss the fruit God had for you there? Must He keep creating these situations trying to reach you?

If there is a God, then He is magnificent and entirely permeates our existence. If we believe His word that we are His beloved children, then we know He has our every situation in His mighty hand with an answer that brings us to absolute joy and victory through Christ. Practice purposely stepping under His tree of life to find that answer. Feel Jesus just over your shoulder, putting His arms around you and looking with you at your day. Accept, trust and rest in His absolute authority, absolute control and absolute love!! Ask Him to renew your mind to view life from under the tree of life, having complete faith that every situation contains wonderful fruit for you from His hand.

by Deborah Cassell ~ On Google

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