3 Gifts Today

Another testimony of God alive & active today-
9/24/12 — My 3 God gifts today!!

Old man sea rowing teaching child

God has been working strongly with me lately on having “childlike faith”. I have a 5yr old granddaughter and try to understand how she views life. In my bible study this morning, a preacher was sharing about his grandson’s faith and I specifically asked God to give me more insight on this concept. Also I am finishing essay on “Keys to the Kingdom”. This morning God pointed out that the “power” key of love needed rewording. I gathered my notes and headed out for breakfast. As I passed a wooded area, I saw a girl on her horse waiting to cross the road and reminded God that my granddaughter and I were still patiently waiting for a horse. I had not been able to find a barn with space or locate a nearby handicapped riding program we had recently heard about… and thats a hearts desire we both would sooo enjoy sharing.

After a great breakfast, I got the distinct leading that God had a present for me at the little mission store downtown. There were actually 3 specific presents!! As usual, I knew them the moment I found them.. there is never any question.

Present #1- It was a tiny framed picture of the “old man of the sea” grandpa in a rowboat with his young granddaughter. She is concentrated at the task of helping him row, with both her tiny hands to the oar. He is tilted back, smiling down at her efforts. It spoke volumes to me about being a child with God. Does God need my help rowing the boat? nooo. Yet He is loving and appreciating my small yet dedicated efforts to the task.. and schooling me along the rough waters of life. As I continue to reflect on this art, I get a better grasp on the truth. This helps on 2 fronts.. the child like faith and the power key of love… understanding God’s love. Awwe!

Present #2- I am a visual person and always when I am working on a concept, I like a reminder or token handy. The “Keys” writing is huge for me and the last step is for me to use the keys myself before I share these insights with others. Since I am nearly done, I have been trying to imagine a proper token to use.. its kinda like consecrating the task to me. And there among the jewelry today was a beautiful key carved out of brown stone! No kidding!! Its about 2 inches long hanging on a leather thong. Perfect!!

Present #3- As I am in line paying for my gifts, I hear 2 women behind me talking about horses. Although we live in a 300,000pop town and are on the wrong side of town, one is a teacher at the handicapped farm AND they are having a jamboree this coming weekend AND they need experienced volunteers this winter! Remember that I had just reminded God that morning about that exact request. THANKS Father!!

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