Proof for my Teen

My grandson is now 15 and I was seeing much less of him as he is now in high school and busy with new friends and sports. But he also now needed more funds for his activities and so a new arrangement for him to work with me 2 afternoons a week suited us both. As we were driving for supplies one day, I was witnessing to him of the recent gifts our Lord had given me, several of which were at the GoodWill store. Then he asked about a new dog I was considering and I said I first needed to find a dog gate barrier for the back area of my car. My grandson then said why didn’t I ask God to leave me one at the GoodWill? I had never seen a dog gate at GoodWill and kinda gulped at this direct test but then asked God with my grandson as my witness. The next time I picked up my grandson a few days later, he approached from the rear of my car. As he jumped in, he asked what was that black thing in the back? A dog gate barrier from GoodWill I joyously reported!!

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