The Diamond Bracelets

Sept 2012- Another testimony of God alive & active today-

Diamond bracelets from God

While getting dressed to go to the store, my 5yr old granddaughter was digging thru my jewelry box and found my (beautiful but fake) diamond bracelet. She laid it across her wrist with her eyes glowing and said- “Oohhh Mommaw..” She wanted soo badly to wear it and it wrenched my heart to say no, but I soothed her that we were headed to the store to get batteries for her favorite horse watch. 30 minutes later we were at Walmart, walking around the jewelry counter toward that special area where they work on watches.

Then WOW!! I stared in amazement as there laying in the middle of the watch workpad next to the tiny tools was an almost identical kids copy of my diamond bracelet, obviously just returned or misplaced? It actually was a 3 pack of little stretch diamond bracelets with an orange clearance tag for only $5!

God is always leaving us little gifts and He certainly wanted to fulfill her desire for sparkly bracelets that day. She & I both noticed that she now had 3 bracelets to my selfish one. Was there a lesson in that as well?? She literally danced out of the store and we went back for mine so we could both sport our bracelets that day and tell everyone what an amazing God we all have!

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