The Extra Large Nativity

Another hearts desire answered within an hour!

12/7/12 A bus tour group was visiting our Jesus Art museum shop on Saturday. While making the final preps on Friday evening, I was sad how tiny the nativity scene looked on our large greeter table. Oh how I wished I had one of those beautiful, extra large nativity sets to display there! I then took a break to go eat and a voice said “go to Goodwill”. I visit our local Goodwill stores quite often and so thought this was my voice and said no, I don’t have time to play around tonight. Again the voice said go when I passed the nearby Goodwill but I still refused.

After going thru the fast food drive-thru, the voice insisted the 3rd time and I finally said OK.. but just for a minute.. one very quick run-thru as I really didn’t have time and still thought this was probably all my idea. Imagine my face (and heart) as there on the back shelf was my gift.. an extra large nativity setup- a complete set of beautiful figures, a great large moss covered stable with angel above and even a working light! It looks magnificent on the table for our guests and stands as an amazing testimony to His love. Our God is soooooo GOOD!!

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