The Piggy Bank

Another testimony of God alive & active today-

Wilbur the Piggy bank from God

I was telling a new friend my issues with being a control freak, too often trying to solve my own problems and telling God “I’ll call ya when I need ya” instead of looking for His guidance first. She shared a neat idea from her bible group about a piggy bank! You write your problem on a piece of paper, pray over it giving it to God, then put it inside the piggy bank. Then later when you want to worry or work on it, you can’t because you remember its in the bank where you gave it to God. I am very visual and so LOVED that idea! My next thought was to avoid a ceramic bank since my “touch everything” grandkids might get hurt if it broke.

That SAME evening I had dinner with mom & dad and with time to waste afterwards, I stopped by the Goodwill store on the way home. As I roamed the aisles, there waiting on a shelf at my eye level, facing toward me with a huge silly grin was a very cute large pink piggy bank. Its very very rare I’ve ever seen any piggy bank there before. After the shock, my first thought was did he need to be soo big? (He is about a foot long) Did I have THAT MANY problems I needed to turn over to God?? That thought made me laugh out loud at my God’s humor! Also very considerate touch was his vinyl body answering my ceramic concern. “Wilbur” has graced my work desk ever since and always reminds me that my God is very close at hand indeed!

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