Taking Back Our Eden

The moment you believe in Christ’s sacrifice & resurrection, and commit your life to God, you are a saved perfect child of God (heir through Christ) and have access to all His rights and authority. You are a new creation and sin is now on the “outside” of you.. and your goal is to keep it out. If your heart and motives are pure, anything you ask in God’s will is granted! However becoming purified, learning who you truly are and growing closer to your God is a life long journey. Accepting His cross by laying down your life to humbly serve your God and His people, guarding your heart & tongue above all, pressing through trials to polish your virtues, judging no one but loving all regardless of how you are treated, believing in the unseen and trusting totally in His plan for your life are all growth processes to conform you to be like Jesus in love and righteousness. You begin as a babe and mature into your gifts as sowers, reapers and warriors!

However once you begin this “walk” in faith, the devil and your own mind wage war with you nearly every step of the way. They both tell you that there is no God.. no supernatural help or love, despite those moments you know for a fact that God reached out to you!! How do you make it real? Truly real?? Scripture says to renew your mind.. to force it to accept the “fact” of these acts of God and you will then see more of Him in your life! Its a catch 22.. God’s power is released through faith! You just have to truly believe He is there, that you are truly accepted as His loved & clean child, and that He has pre-made plans and the correct answers for even your smallest concerns that He already knew was coming. Then just ASK and KNOW you WILL receive! COMPLETE dependence and faith in Him. There will always be leaps of faith as God often shows at the last but perfect moment. A grand entrance for the master who you knew was coming. Is your faith that strong? If not, ask Him to grow it to that point. Do your best in all things and ask God to do the rest.. and He will!

A note on prayer: You will soon realize how important quality time in worship and prayer is to your walk being strong with God. It is difficult to separate in our minds the reality of the physical vs spiritual world. The physical world and its woes which seem insurmountable mountains shrink to mere anthills in the light of God’s power. Whenever you become worried or fearful over an earthly thing, you just need to return your focus to who is in charge. Prayer is extremely powerful and truly we don’t even know how best to pray for most situations! God said if we ask for & receive the Holy Spirit, the Spirit would pray for us, as He knows God’s will for earth and our lives. Ask ask ask to receive the Spirit (Luke 11:10-13) and become a true prayer warrior!

Your job? To live attached to the “vine” of Christ (abiding in His word/scripture) while being pruned by God to produce more and more fruit! What fruit? Mainly increasing God’s kingdom on earth by exposing others to Jesus.. and using your “gifts” and “callings” to serve your church body. Remember your “church” is not a building but is your Christian family.. the group of believers you worship, serve and fellowship with. Re-read this 1st paragraph.. with the authority of Jesus, dominion over the earth & dark powers, and ever evolving in pure motives of love, you bring the spirit and power of God everywhere you tread. You bind and loose on earth as it is in heaven.. meaning to mesh/unify heaven and earth, with heaven always in trump mode. If its not in Heaven, it must leave before you on earth.

Read my page on GodIsRocking.com about the “Raptureless” teaching. If thats true.. that there is no rapture or tribulation, then what is God waiting for? What of the verse that says Jesus is sitting at the right hand of His father “waiting for His enemies to be made His footstool”? Who is to do that? And read Eph 1:10 where God’s will is to unify (mesh) heaven and earth in the end. Meaning removing all sin and returning earth to an Eden state, without the devil! And last, the verse that says the earth is groaning waiting for the sons of God to be revealed? Is everyone and everything waiting on US to realize the truth and take our earth back??? Read again what powers being heirs gives us. Through Christ, you expel any & all sickness and corruption everywhere you step. IMAGINE THAT!!

Selah.. pause and think about that!! Lets renew our minds and TAKE EDEN BACK!!!

ps Remember God is not mocked. He knows your heart! As scripture says, many will call to Jesus saying they knew Him when they did not. It also says not doing what you know you need to do is a sin. Those who truly seek and serve the Lord will show fruit. God knows your heart and works through pruning to direct you. Read about pruning if you are having a difficult season.

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