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item #326
Abba Father by Kerrick
Item #448
My Savior & Friend by Keaton

Kimmie called me on a Thursday. She said she was on her 3rd battle with cancer and that the doctors had told her this would be her last. She had about 2 weeks left on this earth. She loved the smiling images of our Lord and wanted to get them for her hospice staff, and also for the kind nun who visited her often. Abba Father was her favorite. Although weak from the struggle, she was kind and peaceful. It was wonderful sharing our Lord's love and hope with this gentle soul.

I immediately called my daughter at our gallery and told her of Kimmie. I asked her to rush this shipment as her days were so few. Later that evening as my daughter and I discussed the day's orders, I asked her about Kimmie's. She said she had indeed got it mailed that day, but also that she had felt led to include an extra picture. "Which one?" I asked. "The sketch of the young woman seated with Jesus, with her head resting on His shoulder" she answered. In our many years in this art ministry, we have learned to not question such leadings.

The following Monday afternoon, Kimmie called me back. She thanked me for getting the shipment to her so quickly. It so happened that the nun was visiting that day and brought in her mail. She was glad she could personally give the nun her picture on that visit, but as the nun opened the package, she gasped. "You know the extra picture you included?" she asked. "Yes" I replied. "That is me!" Kimmie said. "That is my face, my hair.. I couldn't have sat for that portrait and it been any more in my likeness." I was stunned, but there was more.. "But also, you know how the woman has Jesus's hand clasped between her two hands? Ever since I was a small child, I have always held everyone's hand between my two hands". As our call ended, I praised my Lord.. to have us send this loved child of His an image of them together, just days before she would join Him.. holding hands in the way she always had. PRAISE HIM!!

Item# 159
The Lost Sheep by Soord
Item# 309
Reunion by Hahlbohm

A woman called one day saying we had made a mistake. As I began to apologize, she interrupted and said "No.. there really was no error.. let me tell you the story!". As she said this, I smiled as we hear many wonderful stories here. She said she had a friend in trouble and wanted to send her the loved image of the shepherd reaching over the cliff to save the lost sheep. She had searched on the internet and found our website. She thanked us for having so many to choose from and was very glad to find the one she wanted for her friend. But also as she looked around, she found the one of Jesus welcoming a man to heaven. She told me that her husband had passed on 2 years ago and that was the image they had on his tombstone. She marked us in her favorites to come back for that one later, and ordered the "Lost Sheep" for her friend.

Then she said.. "That Tuesday I was having a very sad day. I know its been over 2 years since my husband went home to heaven, but I miss him very much and think of him every day. When I got your package, I was glad to have the spiritual lift it would bring. But when I opened the package, it was soo much more. I know I ordered the "Lost Sheep".. the included invoice confirmed this. But out of ALL the images you offer, you had not sent the Lost Sheep.. inside was Jesus welcoming the man to heaven. It was no mistake.. they are both thinking of me too!" PRAISE HIM!!

Item# 192
My Son, My Son by Hahlbohm

A mother called me from the mid-west. She shared that her 12 year old son had died in a farming accident the year before. Although she knew her son was in heaven, she was still suffering.. unable to find closure. But while looking through our site, she found the image of Mary clutching Jesus's body. Mary's face contorted with grief, tears streaming from her eyes, and her mouth open, crying out in agony. She said "I well know the story of our Lord.. but until I saw this image, it just hadn't hit me that Mary had lost her son too." She felt God's complete love and understanding.. and this made the connection she needed. PRAISE HIM!!

What Happened to Your Hand by Harry Anderson
What Happened to Your Hand by Anderson

Karen called to share her praise. Her father had just passed on and as she left the hospital room, she turned the corner and saw an image she had not seen before. It was a lovely image of Jesus with children, but it spoke deeply to her that there was a young boy in the clothing of her father's day with a toy airplane. The airplane had caught her eye as her father was a pilot/instructor during WW2. She immediately felt in her heart that this was an image her Lord meant for her to see at that moment, and to know her father was with his Lord. She had searched for this older image and was very glad to have found it on our site and to now have in her home. PRAISE HIM!!

Item# 428
Heavenly Hands by Olsen

"Heavenly Hands is our daughter Allison. The resemblence is so exact that friends who knew her thought we had it painted" said the quiet voice. "She was killed in a tragic car accident in her senior year. I just wanted you to know what peace this image has brought our family. We have it over our mantle and are reminded daily of her joy in serving our Lord.. and know that we will see her again soon." PRAISE HIM!!

Item# 554
Journey's End by Hegsted

"I have been through some really tough times lately. I have spent much time in prayer and crying out to my Lord. Then I had a dreamlike vision of Jesus and I hugging that brought me the peace I needed. The vision was a bit odd to me though as I am a man of 6'2" and yet my head was upon His chest. I went looking for pictures of my Lord and found your website. Imagine my surprise to find this image. Our positioning.. the arms and head.. everything just as in my vision. I know Jesus meant for me to have this picture to always remember He is with me." PRAISE HIM!!

"Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand." Psalm 73:23

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